2017 Real Estate Success Planner

    The 2017 Real Estate Success Planner is available now.2017 Real Estate Success Planner

    Available in 2 formats – immediate download as a pdf, or as a 200-page spiral bound planner.

    Success rarely happens by accident. Successful people plan their day and work their plan. They set goals, focus on what is important, and track their progress. They track where their leads come from, how many convert to contracts, and how many contracts lead to closed sales.
    Some people look at top agents and attribute their success to just plain luck. True, there is an element of luck in this business, but it’s funny that the “luckiest” agents also tend to be the hardest workers. In this business you have to work hard, and also work smart.
    This planner will help you set goals, outline a plan for success, and track that progress throughout the year. It is specifically focused on real estate salespeople and tailored to your unique needs as an agent. It has its roots in my love for planning and tracking everything in my business. Each year I would buy a new generic planner, then mark it up and add columns and pages that were important to my real estate business. At the end of each year I’d look online for specific real estate related planners, and never was 100% pleased with what I found. I’d buy another generic planner, mark it up and change it, and start the year again.
    So I decided to create my own “perfect” real estate planner, one designed to keep you on track for success. Mark it up, make lots of notes and let me know if there’s something you’d like me to add to the next version. This is a work in progress, as most plans are. I hope you enjoy and use it well. Here’s to a successful 2017!
    Goal setting guide
    Action plan tracker
    Monthly calendar
    Weekly calendar with goals/action steps
    Quarterly, half year and yearly activity / income tracker
    Expense tracker
    Sales tracker
    Password log
    Current listing inventory log
    Future listings to pursue
    Current buyer log
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    NOTE to users of 2012-2016 Planners – Much of the text and plans will be familiar to you. The January tasks which probably seemed time consuming and maybe even overwhelming will be much easier this time, as you’ve already gathered much of the data you need to analyze the past few years. Success comes from hard work and also good habits – thus the same pattern each year of analyzing your past sales, cleaning up your databases, prospecting for listings to get ready for spring, etc.There are also new pages and sections: Password Log, Goals / Action Plan Tracker, Sales Tracking Pages (at end of book)After purchasing through paypal, you will be sent a link to download the PDF. Even if you purchase the printed version, you will also receive this link so you can preview what you will be receiving in the mail shortly. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me! EricaRamus@gmail.com