Schuylkill County Taxes

Schuylkill County Taxpayer Information

There are four bills that you may receive during the year:

  • County/Municipality Real Estate
  • County/Municipality Per Capita
  • School District Real Estate
  • School District Per Capita

All Taxes must be paid on or before December 31st of the Tax Year or they are considered delinquent.

Current taxes (Taxes paid on or before December 31st of the current Tax Year) are payable to your Municipality/City (elected or appointed) Tax Collector. Your tax collector’s name, address, phone number and hours of collection appear on your tax bill. The last payment date for each period can be found directly above the dollar amount due for the corresponding period, in the upper right-hand side of your tax bill.


Real Estate Millage and Calculation:

The millage rate is determined by the taxing authority. The tax calculation is Millage x Assessed Value / 1000 = the taxes you will pay. For a list of Schuylkill County municipalities and their current millage, go to the link attached.

For a real world example, take a property whose county determined Fair Market Value (FMV) is $100,000. Its Assessed Value (AV) is then $50,000 (50% of FMV). If this property is in the City of Pottsville its taxes will be:

County Tax 50,000 x 11.98 / 1000 = $ 599.00
City Tax 50,000 x 17.87 / 1000 = $ 893.50
(these two bills arrive in March each year and run from Jan 1 – December 31)
School Tax 50,000 x 34.00 / 1000 = $1700.00
(this bill arrives in July each year and run from July 1 – June 30)