Souper Saturday at Meck Knitting Mill

The Shoppes at the Meck Knitting Mill invites you to participate in our 3rd Annual “Souper” Saturday soup cook off on Feb. 1st, 2014 from 11am to 3pm.  Feb 2nd, 2014 is the Super Bowl and our spin on this weekend attracts individuals looking to warm up during our area’s cold winter prior to the big game.  What better way than with a sampling of delicious soups from the region’s best chefs!  Tasters vote on their favorite soup with the soup receiving the most votes taking home the trophy.

“Souper” Saturday is increasing in popularity each year and features soups cooked by businesses, chefs as well as individuals.  This is a unique way to showcase your business or individual ability simply by entering a soup.  There is no cost to enter and you or your business will be recognized during the contest. Chefs are encouraged to provide copies of your menus or other information for participants further promoting your business.   All it takes is one crock pot full of your specialty soup!  If desired, you are welcome to provide an attendant to promote your soup or we can dish out samples to the tasters for you.

We hope you will consider participating in our event as an inexpensive way to promote your business.  Please contact the Shoppes at or call us at 570-385-2700 to register.  Registrations must be made prior to January 29th in order to ensure proper signage at your soup and inclusion on our ballot.  Soups need to be dropped off between 9am and 10am (so they will be hot by11am) the day of the event.

Trophy and bragging rights for the year to the winner!